Current Projects

Timothy Hill solo

Timothy Hill's solo performances reflect his remarkable musical journey, weaving strands of folk, jazz, raga and harmonic singing.

Radio Free Song Club

My song, Conguero, is the newest addition to the Radio Free Song Club Singles Collection, where it joins the company of songs by writer-performers such as Glen Hansard, Martha Wainwright, Freedy Johnston, Victoria Williams, Peter Blegvad, Robin Holcomb and many others.

Timothy Hill - Innocence Project

In 2013 Timothy Hill was invited to serve on The Innocence Project's Artist Committee. Other musicians who serve on this committee include Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Dave Matthews and Yoko Ono. Here is his performance at A Celebration of Freedom & Justice.

Cicada Dream Band

A magical meeting of Pauline Oliveros' accordion, David Rothenberg's clarinet, Timothy Hill's voice and the sounds of insects, birds and whales.




Improvised chamber music with vocalist Timothy Hill, violinist Michelle Makarski & guitarist Brandon Ross.

From Vessel To Vessel

A musical conversation between Timothy Hill and Indian Sufi musicians Madan Gopal Singh and Dhruv Sangari.


Live 2010 recording of improvisations featuring Timothy Hill, guitarist Chris Cunningham, percussionist Hearn Gadbois & flautist Sylvain Leroux.

Shapes of the Inner Fire

Duo with Timothy Hill & Federico Parra. Songs and chants of human experience from North and South America, Armenia & India, featuring voices, guitars, duduk & percussion.

Body of Sound

An extended work for solo voice emerging from Hill's 35+ years of pioneering work with harmonic singing.


Vocal research group with Timothy Hill, Sanjay Cherubala, Marjorie Johnson and Seth Markel. Exploring the world's vocal traditions and possibly creating a few of our own.


Deep world soul with Timothy Hill, guitarist Brandon Ross, bassist Doug Weiss and percussionist Jeff Haynes.


Orchestral textures emerge from the three voices and guitars of Chris Cunningham, Jason Crigler & Timothy Hill. Songs of hard-won love and the open road give way to wordless dream sequences and ecstatic dances.